C1109-2PLTEVZ Cisco 1100 Series Integrated Services Router


C1109-2PLTEVZ Overview
The Cisco ISR 1109 M2M 2-port (Verizon) with a small form factor is best suited for small and midsize businesses, enterprise branches, and as customer premises equipment in managed services environments; it can be used in ATMs, retail stores, and kiosks. The C1109-2PLTEVZ model comes with two LAN ports and offers extended temperature support and a hardened shell for remote and rugged location flexibility. It has high performance with Gigabit Ethernet packet forwarding capabilities and the multicore architecture has separate cores for the data plane and control plane so your network ensures an optimized user experience. You can easily deploy this router with zero-touch provisioning using the plug-and-play capability. The C1109-2PLTEVZ model supports LTE Verizon standards.

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