CTP2000-IM-2WFXS Juniper 24 Ports Analog Interface Module


CTP2000-IM-2WFXS Overview
The Juniper CTP2000 2W-FXS and CTP2000 2W-FXO interface modules provide analog support for voice applications. The 2W-FXS module has 24 two-wire FXS ports and the 2W-FXO interface module has 12 two-wire FXS ports. Both are paired with an RTM. FXS interfaces point to the subscriber and supply battery and ring voltage. Some FXS devices also provide dial tone, but CTP FXS interfaces do not. FXS interfaces detect when the attached FXO interface goes off-hook and on-hook. An FXS interface is a two-wire interface; the leads are called the tip (T) and the ring (R).

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